Comaplex Plastics

As a specialist in the production of technical parts in thermoplastics, COMAPLEX® masters all the techniques involved in the thermoplastic conversion process:

⇒ plastic production, laser cutting, thermoforming, sheet plastic working, bending, welding


designs and produces plastic parts and complete thermoplastic industrial solutions, in many branches of industry such as :

Capital equipment: plastic components for special machines, medical equipment, electronic equipment, etc.
Specific on-road vehicles and machines: safety vehicles, public works vehicles, sport and leisure vehicles, etc., with the supply of polycarbonate safety glass.
Research: thermoplastic test models for laboratories, etc.
Building and public works sector: public works and civil engineering, providing spacer combs for public works cable and pipe networks.

Know-how Comaplex Plastics

From concept to part, a single partner:

Manufacture of thermoplastic mechanical parts, laboratory furniture and research centers…

Customized thermoplastic industrial solutions, plastic sheet metal structures, industrial pilots.

Tailor-made solutions for all your plastic hot-forming and thermoforming projects, thanks to innovative, high-performance equipment.




Group actors

4 Brands     –     4 Strong Expertise

Flexigard® By Comaplex Plastiques
Flexigard® safety glazing

A French brand developed and registered – Manufacture of polycarbonate protective glass.

Ingeplast By Comaplex® Plastiques
Ingeplast® Plastic Machining and Thermoforming

Expertise in all custom plastic machining techniques

Saip By Comaplex® Plastiques
S.A.I.P Tank Systems

Manufacturing of plastic tanks for water treatment, the chemical industry, agriculture, the agri-food industry and the nuclear sector.

Resoflex By Comaplex® Plastiques
Resoflex® Spacer combs and Separators

French manufacturer of plastic spacer combs and separators for laying underground multi-tubular dry networks.