Plastic Boilermaking Solutions and Applications

Comaplex Plastics, with its Saip® Plastic Boilermaking division, manufactures made-to-measure thermoplastic tanks (HDPE, PPH, PVDF, etc.) for the simple storage, preparation or transfer of chemical products.

pure/ultra-pure water, chemical reagents or fluids, effluents, powders…

A very interesting alternative to metal products, as they are highly resistant to chemical agents and insensitive to corrosion. They require no special maintenance, are lighter and less costly.

Plastic tanks

Our single- or double-jacketed tanks, from 1 to 80 m3, are ideal for transferring or storing water, corrosive products, foodstuffs and chemicals.

  • Cylindrical plastic bowl
  • Vats with double bottom, sloping bottom or conical bottom
  • Tanks with mixers
  • Tanks with agitators
  • Tanks with retention tank
  • Cylindrical or lamellar decanters
  • Tank equipped with a drip tray or a double skin.
  • Instrumented tank with level and temperature probes and ventilation system.
  • Separators (effluent, etc.)
  • Treatment skids
  • Washing column and activated carbon filter

Plastic piping


Wastewater, air treatment, chemical, corrosive and/or toxic products…
Comaplex Plastics handles all your projects for the creation, installation, maintenance and repair of all types of thermoplastic piping and ventilation systems.
For all plastics (PVC, PVC/C, PP, HDPE and PVDF…), we design, manufacture and recondition industrial pipes of all shapes and diameters.

  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries
  • Nuclear


  • Environment / Water treatment
  • Research / Laboratories
  • Semiconductors…


Complete treatment units

Comaplex Plastics designs and manufactures complete equipment in HDPE, PPH, PVDF… for the preparation of industrial liquids, or the treatment of effluents or wastewater.

Accessories and options


Our thermoplastic tanks can be fitted with various accessories and options to suit your needs


  • Level
  • Probe
  • Manhole
  • Immersion heater
  • Vent filter
  • Unloading cabinet,
  • Dosing pump cabinet,
  • Gangway with anti-corrosion grating,
  • Ladder support…

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